Bigfoot County is a Grateful Dead Tribute band based out of Lynchburg ,Va and are very DEADicated to sharing our love of this timeless music with anybody that will lend us an ear. Check out our upcoming shows to see if we will be coming to a town near you. 
We are available for Private parties/public parties, weddings, Festivals and anywhere else one might like to noodle and shake bones.

Bigfoot County Testimonials: 

" I am an old school head, from back in the day and I've seen the dead a whole bunch. These dudes really do it, they really honor the music. I was pleasantly surprised at the first Bigfoot County show I attended. They really stole my face right off my head!!" - Sneaky Pete

" Duuuude!!!" - Sneaky Pete Jr.

" One time at a Bigfoot show I saw a guy have a flashback- he thought it was 1969 and that he was at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. He said that he and his old lady needed a lift to Golden Gate park , where they were camped out,  after the show and that he would kick us some "Kool-aid"? if we could help him out"......I was like bro get a hold of yourself!!....Its 2012 and we are at The Ellington in Lynchburg, Va- Not the Fillmore in San Francisco!! haha. But that's what Bigfoot does to people. They take you back to a different time and place" - August West, 


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